About Me

I have enjoyed the art of photography ever since the early years of my life. It started with capturing still images from old disposable Kodak cameras and sharing it with family and friends. My passion for photography was further ignited after I purchased my first nikon D3000 in 2010. Would you believe that after owning it for only a few months, it was stolen? This loss was a great devastation and it took some time before I returned to my passion.
In 2014, I met then began to shadow, professional photographer Courage 2020. He serves as an experienced mentor who continues to nurture my growth and development as a professional photographer. In my personal opinion, “As a photographer it is only you, your camera and the image you wish to capture. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”

To learn more about me through the lens of my photography visit instagram.com/P_S_Pics or contact me via email: Pete_Syl@icloud.com. Be the first to know about promotional deals by following my twitter @P_S_Pics

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